February, Breeze, Scissors
Yu Yang
July 20, 2022 – July 23, 2022
London Performance Studios

February, Breeze, Scissors, Yu Yang’s solo exhibition comprises new sculptural work and installation supported by London Performance Studios through Seeding Space programme.

During the exhibition, his work exists as the main material through which to consider the aesthetics of narrative in the visual art and everyday materiality. Working with a wide range of existing objects, his work speaks to the subjective auras of the items that circulate through our lives. Yu Yang recreates these moments that we no longer see in our daily lives. The moments resist an instantaneous reading, demanding time to decipher and search for compositional footholds within their archaic atmosphere. The works in the space bring poetry and imagination back to the ordinary through re-establishing logic between things, encouraging us to reconsider our ways of looking.

Yu Yang is a self-trained artist based in London. He identifies himself as a writer but uses the language of visual art. His practice is based on the re-editing and re-enactment of everyday life, seeking to refine its political and poetic essences. He explores the excess of visual art in text and goes beyond the silent dimension of the object to reveal their narrative potential. Through triggering fiction between the work and the audience, his work challenges the traditional position between artist and non-artist, artwork and audience, public and private.

Recent solo and group exhibitions include Family Life, Cookhouse Gallery, London (2022), Street on the Walk, Willesden Gallery, London (2022); Member Show 2021, GENERATORprojects, Dundee (2021); RSA Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture, Edinburgh (2021); Recorded Action Web, Bbeyond, Belfast (2021).

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