Installation view of February, Breeze, Scissors, 2022
at London Performance Studios

Lover Roland, 2022
Two bags of soil for planting, horse reins, dress, axe, IKEA table board
Dimensions variable

Sitting motionlessly on the horseback, 2022
Screen, framed photo, eye drop
240 x 50 x 15 cm

He is like a normal person except for communicating with God, 2021
Shoes, beer can
30 x 25 x 10 cm

I might have been to Brazil, 2021
A writing desk, cane sugar, dried leaf, found photo fragment, chairs
Dimensions variable

Like singing in a fake voice with a melancholy tone, 2021
Pasta on a switch
Dimensions variable

The river reminds me of the passing of time, 2022
Rubber floor mats, cook oil drum
180 x 180 x 40 cm

The worshipped man died, 2022
Motorbike helmet, IKEA table legs
Dimensions variable

Granting them the privilege of suicide, 2021
Coins stand on a door panel
180 x 8 x 6 cm

It is inevitable we talked about literature, 2021
Feather, lollipop, LED ready batten fitting body
180 x 6 x 10 cm